An Elegant Solution

I love a good analogy. My experience trading options and training others how to manage the risk associated with an options portfolio has taught me that effective analogies can open the door to deeper understanding. New situations often remind me of an experience from which I can draw context. Going through the exercise of identifying the similarities and differences can help reveal a solution to a new problem that resembles one we’ve already seen. A good analogy helps describe the unfamiliar in terms that are familiar and relevant.

Recently, I came across an article in Herman Miller’s WHY emagazine that described the firm’s philosophy. It struck me as an eloquent and creative version of what we’re trying to do at Luminist Capital. Initially it may seem unlikely a furniture design philosophy could or even should be applicable to the investment management space, but humor me for a bit. Architect George Nelson, who served as Herman Miller’s director of design for nearly 3 decades, wrote in the company’s 1948 catalog introduction something that transcends industries. It boils down to this:

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