Model Portfolios

Our strict rules-based investment process is derived from 30 years of trading, portfolio management and market making experience. The portfolios take advantage of the known benefits of diversification, market correlations and passive investing without relying on them exclusively. Our portfolios range from traditional to sophisticated and are used in any combination to create a suitable investment for each investor.

Market Participation Models (MP)

​Our ETF based Market Participation portfolios are designed to provide low cost participation in a diversified portfolio of premier ETFs. The holdings in the portfolio are allocated based on each client’s individual needs and risk tolerance. The portfolio is a blend of both domestic and international equities and fixed income ETFs. Market Participation portfolios are rebalanced quarterly and all dividends are reinvested.

Option Protected Overlay Models (OPO)

Luminist Capital’s Option Protected Overlay (OPO) portfolios are designed to participate in the majority of positive movements in key asset classes while using options to limit exposure to negative movements.  The portfolios use only best-in-class ETFs that exhibit exceptional liquidity in both the stock and the options. The rules-based, passive strategy aims to take advantage of market expectations to create favorable risk/reward scenarios.  This results in a portfolio constructed to optimize risk exposure through the use of systematic option strategies. Want to learn more about how Option Overlays work? Click here.


Through this design the portfolio provides the following key benefits:

  • Uncapped potential for gains

  • Limited downside exposure

  • Additional Income

  • Reduced overall volatility

  • Generate additional income

Alternative Yield Models (AltYld)

Our market screeners identify high yielding equities with exceptional option liquidity that can be used to generate yield while offering complete downside protection.  As the name suggests this portfolio intends to generate additional yield with full downside protection during adverse market conditions.

Special Situation (SP)

The Special Situation portfolio harnesses the management team's years of market making experience to deliver investors non-correlated returns regardless of overall market performance. The aggressive directional strategy identifies market anomalies and invests in short term, fixed risk opportunities to generate returns.  Our experience “reading the tape” and identifying these opportunities provides retail investors a chance to invest in an institutional caliber portfolio in a low cost, low risk manner.

Concentrated Wealth Portfolios

Many investors are faced with the delicate task of protecting a concentrated public stock position. Whether the situation arises from an inheritance, savvy investing, a business sale or employer compensation plan, the considerations are the same: how to prudently manage the situation in a way that considers the risk, regulatory, emotional and tax implications.  Luminist Capital is an expert in crafting nuanced Concentrated Wealth Strategies using derivatives to manage a concentrated stock position.

Risk-Wrap™ Protected Portfolios (RW)

To learn more about how our Risk-Wrap protected portfolios work click the logo below.

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Third Party Money Managers

Luminist Capital is partnered with Solomon API and they are an approved 3rd party asset manager. Clients and Advisor partners have direct access to all of the Solomon API portfolios directly through their Luminist Capital accounts.


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